Nothing You Could Do Would Make Me Love You

Nothing You Could Do Would Make Me Love You More

I love you just as much through pride as I do through disappointment. As much as we are alike, we are different people with different ideas and purposes. We are to teach each other, not be each other.

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I Said Yes

I Said Yes

PAUSE is illusive. Would I allow myself to climb out of the trenches for just a bit? Could I do so without wrestling guilt or holding traces of impracticality?

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Proud Mary

Here we are together in this sacred space. We are moving at the edge of our limits flooded with endorphins. She feels it. I feel her. The amount of courage she mustered to be living out loud is impressive. After turning down many invitations, here she was…dancing at the party.

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The Motherhood

The Motherhood Pact

Women of exceptional worth feeling less than; pulled between their roles, never feeling fully accomplished in any one. We found relief in real company. Let’s continue to do so. Let’s stack hands and forge an understanding. A sisterhood.

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Consider this your

Consider this your nudge

It terrifies me to say this out loud, you see, because then you hold me accountable. You begin to form judgments or expectations, and for some reason we allow ourselves to be tied to others’ expectations of us more often than being tied to honoring our fibers.

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The numb

The numb holiday

What once was, wasn’t any longer. The absence of those I loved was its own entity in the room, thick and heavy, a blanket draped over everything dulling the shine, the mood, and the beauty remaining around me.

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Exhaling AttachmentExhaling Attachments

Exhaling Attachment

Tethered to a familiar mass, and feeling the rope slip through my desperate grip, I’m aware that fixing my gaze backward will leave me exhausted, emptied. I won’t have these things back, and I’ll lose a little bit of myself in the process.

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