Scratching GratitudeThoughts on Gratitude

Scratching Gratitude

Gratefulness without action feels a nickel short. A bit like being given permission to remain somewhat ignorant – a free pass to stay shielded in the comfort of your space.

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Thank you Poppy, and Carl…

Thank you Poppy, and Carl…

Needing help used to feel like a weakness, a bother to others for this recovering non-imposing type. Now it feels more like connection. It’s beautiful really.

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She Wrote: Doe Bay

She Wrote: Doe Bay

Perhaps I wanted to prove something to myself, too. That living requires going outside of your comfort zone, hiking uncertain, low-lit paths, resting in unfamiliar shelter. Adventure reminds me that I’m alive and fills a reserve to draw from when other forces drain me.

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The Paths of

The Paths of Words

Your words will travel to a to a place where they ‘ll be gathered and protected by those intended, yet often least expected. Find those who get you, who understand your voice. Your stories were written in parallel. You are to be there for each other. Trust others with your words. They need them and you need theirs.

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Beauty in ContradictionBeauty in Contradition

Beauty in Contradiction

My dear friend layered frosting on what she already saw inside. And she helped reveal both kinds of beauty to me in the process. She gifted me with a feeling of acceptance, coming into my own – just a bit deeper than before – knowing that I am who I am and there are many ways to be just that – so many ways to shine.

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A Life of VinesLiving From This Day Forward

A Life of Vines

Practicing the continuous exercise of acceptance, cultivating new rituals, traditions, and relationships, and rewriting the script you once had sketched in your mind is your pass to peace.

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Quiet Told

Quiet Told Me

I would continue on, brave and courageous, sharing words even when those I love don’t get it or me. I would resist shrinking back into myself, fading to a whisper, when the reception falls short of encouragement or even acceptance.

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