Hey there!

I’m Jessa…a single mama of two, who hit a big bump in the road, navigating my way down an unexpected new path one day at a time.

Soul seeker and life lover – I make, I dream, I do. I’m a handmade goods designer, writer, assistant preschool teacher, Mama.

I’m starting over in big ways and life is blowing my mind with what it’s unveiling along the way. I feel pulled in a direction of connecting, to be involved in something much bigger than self, and whatever lies down that path. This blog was born on the couch one late evening with the nudging of a few of my closest friends and supporters – angels, really. I have no idea if this is what they had in mind, but it’s changing me and I am grateful. Writing heals me. Writing challenges me. Writing teaches me a great deal about myself.

This space is our story, a creative extension, a time capsule of our days. As a single parent, I want my babes to know who their mama is and the ways that our days together fill me.

These reflections allow me to collect, process, and bottle my discoveries and feelings and hold myself accountable for the lessons life is presenting me with. It’s perfectly imperfect and I strive to believe I am too. My babes are my light and my lens to see the best in everything. We play, we create, we explore, we laugh, we love. The laundry is a little backed up, and dinner may be less than impressive, but our hearts are full and we’ll sleep well tonight.

Introduce yourself, I’d love to know your story, too…

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