Big FirstsIMG_18221

Big Firsts

We’ve had a lot of Firsts this past year…I mean a LOT.  Like an infant’s first year’s worth. Our lives are full of Firsts. Whether we’re 6 or 36 we are always growing, changing, and adapting. If we’re not, we’re simply not living. We drain from our cups rather than add to them to enhance and create new flavors. We […]

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Dear Loves,IMG_22871

Dear Loves,

Tonight I resumed writing a letter to my children. My goal in doing this is to provide them with a snapshot of their lives and their ‘being’. I hope someday they cherish reading about all that is uniquely ‘them’ and that it serves as a window into their childhood. I feel moved to share my thoughts […]

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True to yourself.IMG_19731

True to yourself.

It’s simple. Remain true to yourself. It’s hard. Relationships blend and bond people, but don’t ever lose your individuality. Bend, don’t break. Take responsibility for your choices and actions; every one of them will impact others in some way. We are all entitled to our own feelings and experiences but it doesn’t excuse poor choices. Share you […]

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You are my sunshine…IMG_19151

You are my sunshine…

“You are my sunshine.” Even when the sun isn’t shining, you are my light. I hope that you feel my light in return, each day, for the rest of your life. Smooch.

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Life under construction. To be continued…

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