Talk To Me: RelationshipsTalk To Me: Relationships

Talk To Me: Relationships

I asked you to talk to me, and talk to me you did. I am still completely blown away by your response. I am overwhelmed and honored and so very grateful for you for trusting me with your stories, friends.

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Building Bridges Between Those We Love

Building Bridges Between Those We Love

I watch my babes climb around on my father’s gravestone. They slide their little fingers in the grooves of the inscription and investigate the engraved picture of a cabin in the woods. This is the first time my son is old enough to read the words on the stone. As he does so, I’m flooded. […]

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Perpetual Tug-of-War… My Messy BeautifulIMG_8884

Perpetual Tug-of-War… My Messy Beautiful

I was in a relationship for half my life. And then one day I wasn’t.

I had never anticipated standing in this particular spot a day in my life before then, and it took me a long time to find the courage to remain there and feel any sense of comfort in the chaos.

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The Librarian Told Me I Was Failinglibrary books

The Librarian Told Me I Was Failing

Little Lady and I hit the library. I was there to pick up a couple of items just in from my mile long request list, jam packed with unraveling and mind blowing reads that are stripping me down and filling me up. I can’t get enough of dissecting this human experience and I’ve devoured pages […]

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Chasing PlatesIMG_8387

Chasing Plates

We had a road trip on the calendar. It was a big one. 14 hours of driving with less than 24 hours at our destination.

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Talk to me…

I asked friends and family about relationships last week. I asked for real, raw, life stories and experiences for a personal intimate relationships project I’m doing to keep myself open and learning. The responses have been trickling in and I’ve found myself in smiles and tears, simultaneously. I feel so honored to have been gifted and trusted with their stories. After I have my time with it, absorbing the wisdom, I’m going to find a way to share.

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Cork CrittersIMG_8028

Cork Critters

Just a quick project post – one that’s been keeping us busy and helping us to lessen intense winter induced insanity. Thanks to a mama friend who knows a little something about wine, I ended up with a ziplock bag full of corks. A bulging ziplock. Full.

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