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I asked friends and family about relationships last week. I asked for real, raw, life stories and experiences for a personal intimate relationships project I’m doing to keep myself open and learning. The responses have been trickling in and I’ve found myself in smiles and tears, simultaneously. I feel so honored to have been gifted and trusted with their stories. After I have my time with it, absorbing the wisdom, I’m going to find a way to share. Stay tuned…

I asked:

Friends, will you join and inspire me???

Love & life stung me, as most people can relate. I’m building beauty from the rubble. I’m fiercely independent and don’t want that to morph into ‘closed’. I’m doing a little personal exploration project on intimate relationships to keep myself open, thinking, and growing. I’m curious about your story. Looking for your thoughts…

  • What do you value most about being in a relationship?
  • What do you find most challenging about being in a relationship?
  • How has your relationship changed / shaped you (for better or worse)?
  • What have you learned about yourself as part of a relationship?
  • What is the ‘secret’ to your particular relationship operating smoothly?
  • Other nuggets?

I’m looking for REAL thoughts, experience, wisdom, and words from many different relationship flavors.

If you would like to participate…contact me!

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