Big Firsts

Big Firsts

We’ve had a lot of Firsts this past year…I mean a LOT.  Like an infant’s first year’s worth. Our lives are full of Firsts. Whether we’re 6 or 36 we are always growing, changing, and adapting. If we’re not, we’re simply not living. We drain from our cups rather than add to them to enhance and create new flavors. We often look to our parents or elders for guidance and wisdom. I propose we also remember to look to our little people. My son will start all-day Kindergarten tomorrow. It’s huge. I imagine it’s a bit like an adult’s first day at a new job, downtown, where you need to fight traffic, locate parking, climb to the 32nd floor of the building on time, learn the new ‘language’ and insert yourself into the new culture. No small peanuts.      

Tomorrow he will march into a classroom of unfamiliar faces, twice the size of any he’s been a part of before, in a brand new building, amongst by the ‘big kids’ with no idea of what the day has in store. He will wave goodbye to his mama (who will muffle every bit of uneasiness – if it KILLS her), bring his own lunch, ration himself a snack, strike up conversations at his table, and sort out all of the stimuli barraging his extra receptive little brain from this new world full of new personalities. Emotional contagion of sorts. 
I have mixed emotions about this First, to say the least. This little guy has been my everything. He has been by my side at home since the day he was born. Due to the chaos of our lifestyle I could count one two hands the number of days I’ve been away from him, or not first in command. He is my bosom buddy (would have been a killer pun 5 years ago). He administered parenting boot camp on me from early on, and has kept me on my toes every day since. We’ve been through years of discovery and had our share of trials, and we have celebrated many joys and accomplishments! I’ve worked harder at helping him fill his toolbox with tools, that would allow him to handle new situations and all they present, than I’ve worked at anything in my life. His confidence level is unrecognizable compared to just even one year ago. It’s Kennedy XL, XTS, HD… Proud doesn’t begin to explain it. It’s the level of pride that brings tears to your eyes and actually makes you feel a bit nauseous if you think about it for long. I can assure that the level of separation anxiety is far greater on my end, and I’m thrilled for that. 
I will draw inspiration from this little man and apply it to all of MY Firsts yet to come.
To firsts!


  1. You should be so incredibly proud of the young man you are raising! He will take all of those tools you have given him and be able to be an incredible leader. I would give anything to be a fly on the wall as some of these new firsts of our kiddos come about.

  2. I guarantee he’s the most emotionally prepared kid in his class. You have been a mom extraordinaire to him and I hope that watching him conquer this big step inspires you in your big steps. :)

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