Your Faith Place

Your Faith Place


I spend a fair amount of time reflecting on the idea of that which is bigger than myself, than any of us – examining and contemplating purpose. I see infinite flavors of belief, even where similar labels are adopted or worn. I can’t recite the scripts of any one completely from memory, nor can I claim perfect translation of something delivered by another. When I mix the components of these big ideas together inside, what appears to me is that there are similar themes, perhaps more similar than we’d ever dare admit. If anything, I want my babes to start there…to find common ground in the deepest and simplest pieces of what connects us as sisters, brothers, and neighbors under the layers.

People will call It by different names.

They will have different beliefs in how best to honor It.

It’s your faith. It’s your spirit. It’s your higher.

It often leaves me with more questions than certainties and I believe that’s on purpose.

Rather than spending time wading around in the shallow waters of definition, labels, pointing fingers, and proving yourself or IT, dive into your personal journey and just live it while it unveils to you, bit by beautiful bit.

Let them see your heart break openly for others rather than strapping on armor.

Let them see you make sacrifices for others when your gifts are being called upon.

Be seen, be heard, but always listen carefully.

Listen to the twinge inside that calls you to extend love and grace to those who may not have shown it to you. You will feel when you have extra to share. We are here to share volume between cups. When yours is overflowing, tip it into another’s.

Respond to the nudge you feel upon recognizing inequality and share your voice where others may go unheard.

Listen to the ache inside that desires meaning and depth and authenticity – beyond the noisy messages you may be fed telling you what superficial finishes they want you to believe makes a life.

Know that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Believe that you are just a small, but important, part of it. A part that was made perfectly, just the way you are, with seeds of greatness that will continue to crack and push their way through to the surface in turn, when they are needed. And they are all so very needed. Share them.

Know that you are ready to serve just the way you are today. Don’t feel the need to recite the Bible before stepping into “church”. Don’t pass on exploring the ceremony or practice that may expand your awareness of different faiths, perhaps strengthening your own.

You will come to realize and embrace the gifts you have inside and there will be times when you feel you are the only one who ‘gets’ them. Don’t be discouraged and let an expectation for universal resonance keep you from letting them inch toward the light. These gifts were placed in you for a reason – one that you may not yet understand yourself.

Let the spirit work through you. Pay attention to the pieces inside of you, like little hands raising intermittently, ready to be put into action and to good use.

Consider that every ounce of privilege or blessing you have is a GIFT. You didn’t do anything to deserve better or worse and it will be your responsibility to decide how you will pay your gifts forward and to spin your struggles into silk.

Accept that others have their own set of beliefs that have been shaped by the slice of our big Earth that they call home, years of upbringing, personal encounters, life’s rounds, fears and dreams, losses and soul deposits. Accept where they are at and learn from them – whether it is by allowing them to shed light on the pieces of you that lie in the shadows, waiting to be stirred – or serve as a mirror of your own ignorance or intolerance and push you to love beyond it.

Fill any emptiness with living and people and personal connection with the higher. Food, booze, shopping, depthless affection and ego burn off fast leaving you hungry.

Pass on the small talk and open yourself to others. Be the invitation they need to seek comfort in connection. Remind them that they are not the only one.

Remember that tomorrow is a new day. There is no one way to play. Do-overs are real and necessary. The places you’ve been, the mistakes you’ve made, the hardships you’ve endured and the beauty you’ve witnessed is a necessary part of your walk.

Allow your mind be blown again and again over the same little things. Sunsets, nature’s transition, the power of a storm, the miracle of newborn life, the all-consuming explosion of goodness you get from a snuggle, and the sight of someone you love in their ‘as is’ glory – their shape, their smell, their aura – are your reminders that life and creation is a gift, that control is an illusion, that each day is an opportunity to begin again, and that the real magic is free.

This place inside of you – it’s an energy, a pulse, a light – it’s real. Although it requires protection and nourishment to thrive, it will never leave you. You are not alone.

Think from that space, love from it, take comfort there.

Take time to feel it. It’s in you. Be still and let it flow.


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