Now. Alive.

Now. Alive.


I’ve learned that for me, it’s the moments of feeling alive that help bring me to the next place. I’ve been fortunate enough to have stockpiled a handful in the recent weeks.

Weaving a connection with someone. Interlacing experiences that have shaped you, creating something new together, something that wouldn’t have existed without the blending of these parts.

Connecting with a brand new girlfriend and sharing a welling tear in your eyes over an authentic exchange, something real, unexpected and welcome. Sensing intention in our introduction.

Witnessing the goodness blossoming in your child, watching the big beautiful blooms bursting open in waves from the seeds you have worked hard to plant and cultivate.

Feeling like you really belong somewhere. Feeling that you have something to offer.

Watching a plan come to fruition – no matter the size of the idea. A landscape forming section by section from the pieces you are sliding together, and the pride felt in viewing from afar.

The rich glow of the light bulb lit as a lesson you have struggled to understand and embrace finally begins to feel comfortable.

Gaining the ability to view a situation with an unfamiliar but gratifying wisdom – suggesting that you have indeed, unbeknownst to you, moved through it yourself, and come out the other end more complete.

Making peace with something. Allowing the scale to lift from the weighted side of fear.

Feeling a wave, a swell growing behind you, begin to push you forward a bit after what feels like miles of laborious strokes to stay afloat.

Having the feeling that you are on the cusp of something really big happening in your life, or happening in a loved one’s life.

That surge of alive moving through you, filling and fueling you – this is the now – and although we may not feel the same in one hour, one day, or one week, the now is not diminished.

The now is real and helps guides us to the next place. Recognizing and honoring those occasions keeps away anything threatening to dull our shine, whether received or self-inflicted.

I see the moments of feeling alive and rejuvenated as a nod from someone, something bigger saying, “You see it. You feel it. Keep going.”

I’ll do just that.



  1. I loved reading this at the end of my day. Thank you for being so inspiring my friend!

  2. I loved reading this at the end of my day. Thank you for being so inspiring my friend!

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