A Long and Winding Road

A Long and Winding Road

Running on a long and winding road through the north woods, one that I’ve run many times over the past half of my life, brings great exhale following a pivotal life experience.

I ran like I was headed for the finish line after a long and challenging race, but also like I was headed for the start. Start of what? I’m not sure. We are never sure, but we will never find out unless we’re willing to keep moving down the path, tackling the hills one at a time, leaving what was – where it is, knowing you’ve given your best.

As I ran, I retraced my steps over the past and made note of where I stand today. Each experience, each trial, each evolution, each feat, was a pit stop along life’s long and winding road that offered a lesson when I was willing to slow down enough to recognize it…and then consciously decide to embrace it rather than reject it.

There were many options or routes while navigating the unfamiliar path and I seek peace in knowing that I won’t regret one step I took. It’s a choice we must make for ourselves. Acceptance. Growth. Follow your heart, fight for what you believe in, offer your genuine self, and then choose peace in the outcome, whether it’s what you desired or not.

It is only then that we may begin to see things full circle.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel. I pushed my way through and I have arrived.


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