Love Letters

Love Letters

Those cheerleaders, who have shared their words of love, support, respect, and admiration with me, have blessed me. I strive to be attentive to reciprocate that love and model this act for my babes. Maybe we all DO just need a little more Luv. If it makes the world go round we better get to it.
This is a simple project that was born out of desperation for some entertainment to get us through the Sick Days. Yes, that phrase requires caps. Mama was reeeallly sick. Little Lady followed soon after. It’s very winter here yet. And little boys have LOTS of energy and can burn through a week’s worth of activities within a single afternoon, when Mama is tied to the couch in the fetal position, peeking one tired eye out of the blanket. A stack of unread magazines caught my eye and here we are.
I’ll call this project…Love Letters

Magazines, Newspaper, Junk Mail
Folded Cards
Glue Stick


We started by brainstorming the phrases we’d like to write on our Love Letters. A few ideas are: Thank You, I Love You, Smile, Somebody Loves You, I Demand 20 Kisses…too ransom? I’m Watching You…definitely ransom. I digress…
Depending on the age of your babes take the opportunity to infuse education by identifying the letters you need to build the words and phrases on your cards. Sound them out together…L-L-L, O-O-O, V-V-V, E. We jotted them down on a note board as a reference. It also provides an opportunity for the littles to practice penmanship.


Page through your materials: magazines, newspapers, or junk mail, whatever you have lying around, in search of those particular letters. Cut the segments out and set them aside. Once you’ve got what you need, arrange the letters on the cards and glue them down to secure.
Now it’s time to spread the LUV. Add personal notes inside the cards to celebrate the recipient. No superficial fluff here…we’re talking warm, fuzzy, personal, authentic expression. Go there. Make someone’s day. Tickle their souls.
How often do we get real mail anymore? Drop the notes in the mailbox to sprinkle a little glitter on a loved one’s day. 
The one thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we never give enough of is love. ~ Henry Miller 


  1. Such a fun and easy thing to do with the kids. I like the concept of thinking of what you want to say first – it’s easy to get distracted looking through magazines!

  2. these were great. i love words and letters. really made the plain brown paper pop:)

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