I love you because… {Love Jars}

I love you because… {Love Jars}

I feel I’ve always had an appreciation on some root level for my mother – who she is, the way that I felt  in her presence – safe, secure, and important, for the adventures and experiences she provided us with, and for the strength she has demonstrated through adversity. She taught us to love and care for others equally and housed an immense amount of compassion for others. She has always possessed a unique blend: capable, dreamer, planner and free spirit. I’m not certain what percent of her I am inside, but it’s a significant and vital piece within.

However, it wasn’t until I welcomed my own children into my arms and heart, that I awoke to just how deeply that appreciation runs. It’s a profound recognition, a full circle ah-ha moment when you realize you are really one and the same, by design, as woman and mother. You share the same dreams – the same worries, challenges, guilt, accomplishments, celebrations, and rewards.

This has long been a favorite gift to give. I’ve offered it a few times throughout my life when the occasion or recipient is so special, a material gift just won’t do. I would say Mothers are such recipients, and that this would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Don’t forget the other moms in your life as well…friends, sisters, grams, etc.

I’ll call this project: I love you because.. {Love Jars}


  • Container: Glass Jar w/ Cork Top, Small Metal Bucket, Mason Jar, Flower Pot
  • Paper (see suggestions below)
  • Embellishment: Paint, Markers, Silk Flowers, Ribbon
  • Scissors

For the version of this project I’m helping to organize in Little Lady’s preschool classroom, we are using small pink buckets as a container. Measure a piece of green construction paper long enough to wrap and line the inside of your container. Mark the paper with lines, halfway across the width, and along the entire length of the paper, and have your babes practice fine motor skills by cutting on the lines to create grass (think fringe). Line the container with the fringed paper and tape the ends together to secure.

A terra-cotta flowerpot would make a sweet container as well. Your babes could personalize them with acrylic paint and embellishments.

You could wrap a yummy piece of ribbon around the neck of a Mason Jar and tie in a sprig of silk flowers for texture.

Now it’s time to get cozy…grab some paper and a pen, and create the real gift. Reach to the past to gather all of your best memories related to, or created by, that particular Mama. What do you love most about her? What has she taught you? What feelings surface when you’re thinking of her? Swell her heart. She deserves it. Write these memories and thoughts on small slips of paper. Fold them accordion style and fill up the jar with love.

You could pen the notes on the back of sheet music or decorative paper to add color and interest. How about making copies of old photos with mom/gramma/sister and write on the back of those?! Eeek…I’m doing that. (Mom is reading…act surprised, Mom.)

I copied photos on card stock in both color and black & white for variety and penned my memories and praises on the backside. The pictures look great displayed in the glass jar. I made sure to add one of my favorite shots of Mom as a little girl. Treasure.


Don’t forget to add a note: I Love You Because…

Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, comrades and friends – but only one mother in the whole world.  ~Kate Douglas Wiggin

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  1. I totally pinned this! If I hadn’t already done a mother’s day craft project w/ my boys, this would have won as our gift for sure!

  2. And I love you because you,re you what a special tear jerker now i,ll forget i saw it. luv you nanni

  3. This is a gift that I cherish! Everyone once in awhile my jar calls to me. As I sit cross legged on the floor reading memories, I am instantly taken back. Slowly a smile crosses my lips or a giggle escapes depending on the memory. My heart swells as I think about my friends and our time together. Wish it could be more often… Someday!

    • Eeeek…Molly, that makes me so happy. We need to crack that jar and read them together – with a bottle of wine. Can you imagine?! Grab your calendar…

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