Rock Your World

Rock Your World

When we settled on a solution to disguise a large stubborn patch of dirt that refused to grow grass in the front of our house, we had no idea we were installing a playground as well. We decided on river cobble to cover the area. My little man was just two years old and wanted to be involved in everything – especially that beyond his years. We gave him his own tiny orange and blue Diego work gloves and a full-sized shovel, and he jumped right in beside us. It was hot and I was pregnant – neither of which would stop a determined mama with a project in mind, especially this mama. We had a truck full of rock and boulders for a border, and we began.

That little ‘solution’ has provided hours of adventures and memories over the past few years. Sometimes the area is hot lava and the stepping-stones are your only chance at survival. If you should fall…sudden death. Other times it transforms into a sea full of hungry sharks. Again…slip? Goner. 

My little lady is a sucker for “cleck-tions” so she has spent many a whimsical moment in her own little magical world searching for rocks that speak to her – that present a certain sparkle. We’ve spent time scrubbing the rocks, built worm houses with them, prepared gourmet dishes with them, filled puddles with them, and painted them. The Rocks Out Front are our inspiration for today… 

I’ll call this project: Rock Your World

It’s simply a spin-off of the traditional Pet Rock. 


  • Rocks
  • Felt / Yarn
  • Google Eyes
  • Puff Balls, Feathers, Gems, etc. 
  • Craft Glue (Tacky works great)


Start by taking a walk outside with your babes to collect the rocks. This, in and of itself, is an adventure to be had. I find rocks fascinating. I collect rocks from every adventure I embark upon and find special places for these treasures, to preserve the memories that accompany them, in my landscaping at home. I have rocks from the North Shore, Florida, Mexico, The Bahamas, Hawaii (Nooo..did I? But the curse?!) Grand Marais, Nanni’s ranch, my favorite cabin up north…you get it. 

I have a growing Heart Shaped Rock collection in common with my sister and mom. I find one every time my babes and I head to our favorite hideaway for a nature hike. They practically jump out and trip me now. You will find them living in cozy little nooks on shelves and furniture all around my house. 
If you spend a moment reflecting – checking out a rock from all angles – they almost tell you just what they should be. You may see a head, a perfectly placed little crevice for a mouth, or a suitable shape for a body. What a wonderful exercise for a child’s imagination! Pack a snack and pop a squat right down in them, brainstorming the type of ‘pet’ you’d like. 
I give the rocks a good scrub first, but I also have a lazy old dog and the rocks are riiiiiight out front. You never know. Let them dry for a bit in the sun or by a warm vent. You can choose to give your rocks a little sheen by spraying them with a clear poly – inexpensive and available at any hardware store paint department for a few bucks. Lightly coating the rocks captures their natural color a bit – the saturated tones that appear when the rocks are wet. This takes some time to dry so plan accordingly…in other words, kids are impatient and you may need to prep some ;)
From here let your imagination take the wheel…use felt scraps to create fins, yarn for hair, silk flower petals, beaks, anything to bring your ideas to life. Use a small amount of glue so that you don’t have the extra squishing out all over. Hold the pieces in place for a brief moment to secure. You can make eyes from felt (see the Rock of Love below) or find google eyes in a variety of sizes at any craft store. I’ve decided google eyes never lose their humor. 
Meet out friends…

If you find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place, make yourself a friend. 


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