I Am…

I Am…

Call it the year of the affirmation. Affirmations may appear a bit cliche but they are important, and when the shtuff hits the fan…I think they just might work. 

We are told that if we make positive statements and repeat them often, we will eventually begin to believe them and the universe will respond. Conversely, if we let the negative thoughts or statements take residence within us, we surrender and become a passenger in our own lives.     

I believe it’s important to know yourself – who you are, what you believe in, and what you are proud of. I believe we are all born with individual gifts and qualities. Discovering what they are, and the ways that they make us important and unique, makes us more complete. I believe it’s from this more complete place that we are able to spot paths in life that may otherwise be camouflaged to us. Hopefully these paths bring us happiness.  

Sounds simple, right? Not always. If you’re like me, you may find it difficult to fill a list with your positive qualities. You almost don’t feel right identifying and owning your gifts – your ‘you’. 

The problem is, if we don’t recognize and believe in what we have to offer, sometimes we allow the world to fill in the blanks for us…with ideas, thoughts, and labels that may keep us stuck, that hold us back from finding our Happy. It’s a shame that as young children we start out openly believing in these precious traits, but over time we let some of our negative experiences strip us of these badges of honor. 

Peggy O’Mara contributed this nugget…”The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice,” and I believe it. 100%. I think we can take it a step further too, by teaching our children to be in charge of their inner voices and steer them in a positive direction.

Join your babes in this project. People of all ages could stand to find a healthy, balanced, and modest confidence in themselves. Real confidence. 

I’ll call this project: I Am Scrolls…


  • Sticks
  • Paper (decorative sheets to fit your personality is fun)
  • Tacky Glue (Good. For. Everything.)
  • Markers, Crayons or Pencils
  • String
  • Notepad

Start by penning ideas on a notepad. Dig deep…what makes you, You? What do you have to offer? I sat down with the kids and asked what they think makes them special; what their gifts from God are? They may need a few ideas to get started. Their answers are so honest and innocent. We took time to recognize each trait and talk through it together, really pointing out examples present in their lives and how it can positively impact others. Watch your babes glow while you celebrate them. Let them inspire you as you begin your own list!

It’s ok if you don’t yet fully believe in your list. We are works in progress. What do your biggest supporters see in you? Let that be a guide to push you to see it in yourself (I have certainly done so). 


Once your list is complete, transfer it to your final piece of scroll paper. We used decorative sheets to reflect our personalities. 

Cut two sticks about two inches longer than the width of your scroll. Lay them on the paper to find the way they sit best, then squeeze a thin line of tacky craft glue on the back side of the sticks (this glue really works the best – it remains a bit flexible when dry, allowing more movement). 

Position one stick at the top and one at the bottom to frame your scroll. 

We tied twine string to the ends of the top stick to create a hanger. That’s it!

Hang your scroll somewhere prominent as a daily reminder of the things that make you, ‘You’. Read them to yourself and to your kids often and watch the Universe respond. 

Roll it up and tuck it away in a keepsake box after a time. Glance at it again a year down the road. Perhaps you will have more to add…

“I Am. Two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes your reality.”

(this quote seems to be missing an ‘owner’ in order to offer proper credit)


  1. Anonymous says

    I should pay more attentiom to this myself. we,re never too old to forget who we are…. words well spoken my dear , nanni

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