Hunting for Spring…

Hunting for Spring…

We play, we create, we explore, we laugh, we love. One of our favorite ways to do so is by heading outdoors. We have a favorite hideaway up the road where nature, and a nod to my roots, lies. This hideaway brings me back to my childhood to share ‘exploring’ with my babes. 

I spent so much time outside as a child…running the neighborhood ‘field’ with my best friend before the rest of the houses sprouted one-by-one to fill the expanse; exploring Camden State Park – plunging into the ice cold swimming hole and wading through the river just over the rocks, pursuing mud-dwelling creatures; and riding horse with my Mom on the un-groomed trails of southwestern Minnesota – lost in imagination and lulled by the steady rhythm of my horse’s gate.  
Although it’s winter here, with no signs of thawing (thanks, March), we take advantage of the days when the sun shines. So, we ride bikes around the ice clusters and we set out on outdoor scavenger hunts.
I’ll call this activity…Hunting for Spring
Your Babes
Clip Board (not necessary, but feels official – check the dollar store)
Treasure Bag
Camera – optional
We start out with a clipboard. Clipboards make things feel important and official. Come to think of it, I may start securing my ‘To Do’ list to a clipboard, or my grocery list, and carry it around with me in the store. Spice things up. 
We brainstorm items that we may find on our trek…


We take turns checking off the items we come across, and to take it a step further we snap photos of them for our records. On occasion, we collect a few rocks because, well, you know we love rocks. My babes immerse themselves in adventure while we hike, taking in the sights and sounds of the space that surrounds us. We inadvertently take turns reminding each other of how amazing the nature all around us really is. Children see things through a different lens and I love what they make apparent to me. 

For our recent scavenger hunt they stuffed their backpacks full of the necessities…water bottle, snack, Nerf gun, chapstick, and stuffed lovies. The adjacent neighborhood road felt lengthy that day and they were prepared. 
This particular scavenger hunt will always remain special to me. It was November 10th…in the Upper Midwest…and 69 degrees. Rare weather, to say the least, allowed us to shed our coats and make a pit stop to wade barefoot in the river! Little Lady’s face translates the exhilaration perfectly.


Print the photos you snapped during your trek and make a book out of them, with the Scavenger List as your cover page – you’ve got another project!

“In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks.”   -John Muir



  1. Your kids are so adorable. I remember hunting for Spring in MN. It was a challenge. Hoping it all melts away for you soon. Happy Easter.

    • Thank you! You must have grown up in MN. Yes, we’ve had a few days of thaw and we’re moving on to puddle jumping! Happy Easter.

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